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Get to Know Your Tires

Tire Replacement Tips

Do You Need New Tires?

No one wants to replace their tires before it’s absolutely necessary. So how can you tell when it’s officially time for tire replacement? Remember these three things: tread wear, seasonal weather exposure, and age.

Tread Wear

”Tread” refers to the textured part of your tire that meets the road surface. This part of the tire is designed to maintain traction, handling, and fuel efficiency. Federal laws require the tread must be deeper than 2/32 of an inch. Measure thickness using the indicator bar incorporated into the tread or use the penny test. If you think your tread is close to the legal limit, it’s a great idea to opt for replacement. We like to say that the minimum is never enough, especially where your safety is concerned.

Weather Conditions

The suitability of your tires depends on the weather conditions and elements in your area. Different tread patterns and thickness make different tires better suited to certain driving conditions. For example, in wintery snow and ice, you’ll want deep tread for optimal traction and performance. When tire tread is worn out, or the tires are bald, your vehicle will struggle to keep traction in the rain on wet roads. Remember that your vehicle’s performance (and your safety) in less than ideal road conditions depends on the tires. If they are worn out, traction and handling may suffer!

Tire Age

Tire wear is inevitable. As the main feature to come in contact with the road’s surface and all of its bumps, cracks, and holes, they can take quite a beating. Even if road debris doesn’t damage your tires, years of rolling along will wear down the tread. For tires, balding is unpreventable. It happens when the tread gets worn down beyond a safe level. Old tires also harden and become susceptible to cracking. Ask your technician if it’s time your vehicle got a new set of tires.

Tire Repair & Replacement At Murray Automotive

The tire experts at Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia are here to help drivers decide when it’s time for new tires and select a set that is best suited for their driving purposes. Contact us for further assistance!

Written by Murray Automotive