How a Diesel Engine Works

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How a Diesel Engine Works

What Makes a Diesel Engine Different Than a Gasoline Engine?

Explore the differences between diesel and gasoline engines and learn about the advantages of choosing diesel. Understanding how diesel combustion works can help you watch out for common repair issues. Enjoy quality maintenance and diesel repair services for your vehicle in Powhatan, Virginia.

Four-Stroke System

At its heart, a diesel engine is essentially a number of chambers where fuel is burned in a controlled way to produce movement. Modern engines have pistons that move up and down to take advantage of the pressure and power of combustion to move a crankshaft and turn your wheels.

Diesel engines typically use a four-stroke system to achieve this movement. The first stroke is the intake, where the air is drawn into the cylinder. Next, the compression stroke closes the intake valve and compresses the air. Compressed air heats up so that when fuel is introduced at the last moment, it ignites. Unlike a conventional gas engine, this compression system doesn’t require a spark.

The third stroke is where all the power is created. The force of the combustion pushes the piston down and moves the crankshaft. Finally, the exhaust stroke is activated when another cylinder has combustion, and it pushes the exhaust gases out of the cylinder to prepare for another intake stroke.

The number and size of cylinders, as well as other features, contribute to the available horsepower. An issue with a single-cylinder can result in a significant repair, so it’s essential to choose quality preventative maintenance to ensure all your cylinders are firing.

Advantages of Diesel

Compared to a conventional gasoline engine, a diesel engine typically has less maintenance, higher torque, and better fuel economy. Enjoy reliable performance, whether you’re pulling a heavy load or commuting to work.

Common Issues

Unfortunately, diesel engines can still experience breakdowns. Look for any of these issues as signs your diesel combustion engine needs to be serviced:

  • Difficulty starting
  • Reduced power
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Black exhaust
  • Burning smells
  • Difficulty changing gears

Quality Repair Services in Powhatan, Virginia

Schedule a service at Murray Automotive for quality diesel repair services for your engine. As your leader in community maintenance and affordable services, we offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all our repairs.

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