The Most Expensive Car Repairs

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The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Car Parts That Can Break the Bank

Car repair is a significant investment. Whether you’ve been in a collision or routine use has caused your vehicle to fail completely, explore the most expensive repair issues in your vehicle. Discover a local, reliable auto shop for comprehensive repairs and peace of mind.

Engine Cylinder

One of the most expensive repairs in a vehicle is a blown engine. For some vehicles, this cost is almost as much as the entire vehicle is worth. Take your vehicle to your local mechanic, be sure the engine is the source of your repair issue and find out if it can be rebuilt or if you need a brand-new engine.
There are a number of issues that can affect your engine. A common incident is an extreme friction due to lack of oil. This causes grinding, seizing, and other extreme issues around your cylinders. Routine oil changes can prevent several costly engine repair issues.


Another essential component that costs a significant investment to repair is a transmission. Just like an engine, the symptoms of a damaged transmission can sometimes be solved by other, more affordable solutions. A transmission replacement should only be undertaken by a quality mechanic.

Diesel Particulate Filter

A diesel particulate filter is an essential pollution-reducing component on all engines. Once this piece becomes compromised, it’s time for a major investment. Compare diesel particulate filter prices to find an affordable option that still offers the same emissions reduction.


Airbags are essential safety features for you and your passengers. Whether you have a single airbag or a series of side bags all throughout your cabin, these innovative devices keep you safe during a collision. Unfortunately, they are also expensive to replace. Replacing an airbag requires specialized tools and expertise, so don’t attempt this project in your home garage.

Find Local, Affordable Engine Repairs Today

From a routine oil change to a full engine rebuild, Murray Automotive has a certified team of technicians for all your repair needs. Enjoy a three year, 36,000-mile warranty on all your repair services when you visit the best shop in Powhatan, Virginia. Schedule a service today to inspect or repair your vehicle and invest in quality repairs for these essential automotive repairs.

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