Understanding The Noises Your Car Makes

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Understanding The Noises Your Car Makes

How to Identify What You Hear

There are many sounds that a car can make, and sometimes they can signal that something is going wrong. If that is the case, you’ll want to be able to interpret the sounds you hear to be able to get the right auto repairs. When you can distinguish certain problems by their sounds, it can be easy to diagnose and repair them. Below are some of the sounds you can hear from your car, where you’ll hear them coming from, when you’ll hear them, and which auto repairs may be necessary to solve them.

Engine Noises

The engine is almost always in the front under the hood of your car, so any strange noises coming from beyond your dashboard could be the engine or any of the related components. When starting the engine there will be a revving noise and then a growl once the engine starts. If the revving sounds weak or the growling of the engine never starts it could definitely be a problem with the ignition or the battery that sparks the ignition. Scratching or squealing noises can mean your timing belts in the engine may have broken or the engine is not getting enough oil which can damage it.

Noises From Under Your Seat

Because the engine is where most of the car’s components are, sounds coming from other places can be much easier to identify. The transmission or exhaust can be the cause of sounds coming from underneath you. A rumbling sound may be normal, but if the transmission is struggling to transition or maintain the gears, it can create creaking noises. You’ll want to get auto repair for your transmission or exhaust most likely if this is the case.

Outside Your Car

The last place you’ll hear sounds coming from can be a little deceptive. If your windows are up it may sound like it is coming from somewhere else, but that is because it is most likely from your wheels or tires which aren’t technically inside your car. Squealing noises can be caused by issues with the brake pads being too low or the tire tread being too worn. While it isn’t an immediate threat, you’ll want to put your tires and brakes on the auto repair to-do list.

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Written by Murray Automotive