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Brake Repair

It’s Just Brakes Right?!?!

Being able to stop is one of the most enjoyable feelings when driving a car, although I am sure some would argue the speed and acceleration is the most exciting. Whether you enjoy accelerating or braking more – the most important aspect for safety is the ability to brake. Brake components during normal driving can reach over 375 degrees. It is vital to have good brake fluid and brake components to handle this kind of stress.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture out of the air. When moisture combines with the brake fluid it drastically lowers its ability to function at high temperatures. Tests have shown a reduction of the boiling point of over 100 degrees. This means that flushing brake fluid is important in order to stop safely. If you don’t get your brake fluid flushed regularly, the brake fluid may boil instead of staying liquid which is called brake fade. If you get brake fade, it results in increased stopping distances, which could lead to a collision.

Heat transfer through good quality brake components is key to a good braking system. Brake components include brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, brake hoses, and brake fluid. If you have any questions about your brakes or would like to have them checked – stop by our shop! You can find Murray’s Automotive at 1731 Douthit Court Powhatan, VA 23139 or reach us by phone at (804) 378-3374.

Written by Murray Automotive