Diesel Engine Repairs

Is it easy to work on diesel engines? We answer all your questions about diesels Many regular car drivers have never considered owning a diesel vehicle, or becoming a diesel mechanic. But if you’re reading this article, you must be curious about the ins and outs of diesel engines, so we’re here to answer all […]

Does my car need an oil change?

Two Unmistakable Signs that Your Car Needs an Oil Change Should you make an appointment? The modern vehicle is much more intelligent than its predecessors. The lights on your dashboard can tell you pretty much everything you need to know, making it easier to own and maintain a car. However, you should still check your […]

Taking Care of Your Work Truck

Tips For Owners With Professional Needs Truck owners who drive often as part of their profession put much more wear on their vehicles than the average person who may only drive several hours a week. This contributes to the higher budget required to maintain your truck. However, with a little bit of investment, truck owners […]

Plan Ahead

Don’t Leave Service & Repairs to the Last Minute No one likes to be let down or to let down others. We try to provide the best automotive repair experience we can. By planning ahead, it gives us ample time to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Here in the last few months, it is becoming […]

FYI, No Such Thing as TMI!

Tell Us All We Need to Know and More Murray Automotive is here to help you, but in order to know where to start, we need some help from you. There is no such thing as too much information for your technician. When you are having issues with your vehicle, make note of when, where, […]

Brake Repair

It’s Just Brakes Right?!?! Being able to stop is one of the most enjoyable feelings when driving a car, although I am sure some would argue the speed and acceleration is the most exciting. Whether you enjoy accelerating or braking more – the most important aspect for safety is the ability to brake. Brake components […]

Understanding The Noises Your Car Makes

How to Identify What You Hear There are many sounds that a car can make, and sometimes they can signal that something is going wrong. If that is the case, you’ll want to be able to interpret the sounds you hear to be able to get the right auto repairs. When you can distinguish certain […]

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Car Parts That Can Break the Bank Car repair is a significant investment. Whether you’ve been in a collision or routine use has caused your vehicle to fail completely, explore the most expensive repair issues in your vehicle. Discover a local, reliable auto shop for comprehensive repairs and peace of mind. Engine Cylinder One of […]

How a Diesel Engine Works

What Makes a Diesel Engine Different Than a Gasoline Engine? Explore the differences between diesel and gasoline engines and learn about the advantages of choosing diesel. Understanding how diesel combustion works can help you watch out for common repair issues. Enjoy quality maintenance and diesel repair services for your vehicle in Powhatan, Virginia. Four-Stroke System […]

Get to Know Your Tires

Tire Replacement Tips Do You Need New Tires? No one wants to replace their tires before it’s absolutely necessary. So how can you tell when it’s officially time for tire replacement? Remember these three things: tread wear, seasonal weather exposure, and age. Tread Wear ”Tread” refers to the textured part of your tire that meets […]