The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Car Parts That Can Break the Bank Car repair is a significant investment. Whether you’ve been in a collision or routine use has caused your vehicle to fail completely, explore the most expensive repair issues in your vehicle. Discover a local, reliable auto shop for comprehensive repairs and peace of mind. Engine Cylinder One of

How a Diesel Engine Works

What Makes a Diesel Engine Different Than a Gasoline Engine? Explore the differences between diesel and gasoline engines and learn about the advantages of choosing diesel. Understanding how diesel combustion works can help you watch out for common repair issues. Enjoy quality maintenance and diesel repair services for your vehicle in Powhatan, Virginia. Four-Stroke System

Get to Know Your Tires

Tire Replacement Tips Do You Need New Tires? No one wants to replace their tires before it’s absolutely necessary. So how can you tell when it’s officially time for tire replacement? Remember these three things: tread wear, seasonal weather exposure, and age. Tread Wear ”Tread” refers to the textured part of your tire that meets

Winter has arrived, Is your car prepared?

GENERAL CAR MAINTENANCE THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR THE WINTER! Winter has arrived, maybe even a little early! Winter technically does not start until December 21st, but clearly in Virginia it arrived on December 9th with a snow storm producing 12-14″! Here are a few tips to make sure your car is ready for the

The single most important safety feature on your car is….

The single most important safety system on your car is your BRAKES!!! To keep you and your loved ones safe remember to look out for these signs, and have your brake pads and braking system checked every 12-15k miles! If you have a concern have it looked at sooner than later! Feeling like your brakes

Don’t wait for the pedal to hit the floor…

Brakes feel squishy, brake pedal going to the floor? Notice a fluid underneath vehicle? Brake lines over time build up rust, especially from road salt and sand. Over time the rust will thin the brake lines and if they are not properly taken care of, they can leak or blow out. Don’t wait until its

When it comes to tires, bald isn’t beautiful!

When it comes to tires, bald isn’t beautiful-it’s downright dangerous. Are you aware that driving on bald tires is very dangerous? Buying new tires is an investment in your safety, and it’s a much better use of money than needing to unexpectedly fork over cash for an insurance deductible. 1 out of every 10 vehicles