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To transmit is to pass something from one person or place to another. So, it makes sense that an automobile's transmission delivers power from the engine to the wheels. Sounds simple right? Well, it's actually a pretty complex piece of machinery with many intricate parts. Therefore, the service and repairs provided should be completed by people who know what they're doing. At Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, we certainly know what we're doing, and we want to extend our services to you. Our highly skilled technicians are experts in manual and automatic transmission maintenance and repairs for all makes and models. Visit our shop today at 1731 Douthit Court for the quality care your vehicle deserves.

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What to Look For

The transmission, like any other car part, can experience a variety of problems during its lifetime. Leaks, burning smells, humming or grinding sounds, and gears slipping are all signs that your transmission may need servicing. Not being able to accelerate and difficulty shifting gears are other indicators you should be wary of. As with anything else, of course, preventative maintenance is key to avoiding the big whoppers. We love helping our customers schedule routine check-ups as we know this is the smartest way to operate.

Common Transmission Problems

Contamination - Transmission fluid can break down, causing the system to run hot. This increases friction and corrosion. Debris and gunk will then build up and clog the essential pathways.

Internal Wear and Tear - Damaged or worn gears and bearings will cause shaky and rough transitions.

Faulty Clutch - A vehicle that hesitates to move or shift gears indicates a problem with the clutch. Driving with a broken clutch will likely lead to further damage.

Leaks - Loss of transmission fluid will cause your transmission to seize up and stop working. Be on the lookout for dark spots on the concrete under your car.

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Changes in smells, sounds, and sensations are red flags. Have your vehicle diagnosed right away if something doesn't seem right. You'll save yourself time and money. Our technicians at Murray Automotive will run a diagnostic test using our fancy computer system to identify any problems. Then, we'll break it down for you, provide you with options, and get right to work so you can move along quickly and safely. Our fun, no pressure atmosphere will help take the stress out of your circumstance. Call us now at (804) 378-3374. Feel free to also take advantage of our online scheduling option. This will help us understand your situation better so we can provide you the best service possible upon arrival. If the work you need to be done isn't too involved, you'll be able to hang around in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee. You might even get a laugh or two in as we like to have fun while we work. If your vehicle requires a longer stay, we'll help get you set up with temporary transportation. We're always looking for ways to keep our customers happy.