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A Little Background Information

The diesel engine is known for being loud and tough. It was patented in 1898 by Rudolf Diesel who was looking to invent a more efficient engine. And although he accomplished his goal, diesel engines often get a bad rap as they produce more nitrogen dioxide and soot than their counterpart. On the flip side, these 4-stroke internal combustion engines are known for efficiency and power. Furthermore, they tend to get better mileage, and automotive engineers are always looking for ways to improve them. They're already manufacturing more environment-friendly diesel engines by experimenting with different types of fuel. That being said, because of their unique design, regular maintenance is a must, and if you need repairs, you want to bring it to highly qualified mechanics. If you're not sure when the right time is for routine care or repairs, call Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, at (804) 378-3374.

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How Diesel and Gasoline Engines Compare

So how does a diesel engine compare to a gasoline engine since they're both internal combustion engines? Well, the basic operations are the same: air-intake, compression, ignition, and exhaust. The main difference is that the heat in a diesel engine is not produced by a spark. Instead, highly compressed air results in combustion. Then, just like a gasoline engine, chemical energy converts to mechanical energy. One thing leads to another, and then the wheels start to turn. The higher compression is what results in higher efficiency and increased power. Because diesel engines require more energy and materials, they are more complex than gasoline engines. This can increase the cost of maintaining and fixing them. Nonetheless, these drawbacks may be offset by their better fuel economy. Either way, Murray Automotive is not looking to take advantage of you or your friends and family. We enjoy providing trustworthy advice at fair and reasonable prices.

Bring it to the Best

Whether you have a diesel truck or a fleet of diesel trucks, you're gonna need the best auto body shop around to perform routine check-ups and repairs, especially if you regularly haul heavy loads. We want to help you keep it running as smooth and clean as possible. The ASE certified technicians here at Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, are the professionals you can count on. Our mechanics specialize in diesel engine repair and maintenance. Having ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification means they receive training to learn the necessary skills required to produce superior and accurate results. Our overall goal is to provide you with quality products and services to support your needs and become your #1 auto shop of choice. Find us at 1731 Douthit Court for walk-in service!