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It may not seem necessary to understand how your vehicle's engine works if you won't be repairing it yourself. The team at Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, encourages customers to at least be familiar with the basic ins and outs. When you're familiar with how something works, you're more likely to identify problems when they arise. This knowledge will help us work collaboratively with you on problem-solving. Our number one goal is to do business by working with our customers, not just for them. And since the engine is likely the number one most important mechanism on your car, truck, or SUV, we think it's especially beneficial for us to work together.

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How it Works

So how does an engine work? In as simple of terms as possible, an internal combustion engine converts energy from heated gasoline into motion. The motion powers the wheels that make your vehicle move. The engine of most makes and models functions quite the same. As with any type of machinery, "bumps, bruises, and breaks" are almost inevitable. Common engine problems range from a missing gas cap to a cracked engine block. If the gas cap turns up missing or is just loose, the solution is simple, but if it's not tightened or replaced promptly, it can lead to bigger problems. If your vehicle starts overheating, leaking coolant, or producing white exhaust smoke, there's most likely a crack in the engine block. This can happen if the coolant gets too low, freezes, or on the contrary, gets too hot. This won't be the news you want to hear, but knowing the team at Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, is on your side will certainly lessen the blow.

The Good News and the Bad News

The bad news is, engine repairs can be costly and have you out of a car longer than you want. The good news is, most engine repairs can be avoided by having routine maintenance performed by ASE certified mechanics. You'll also avoid major problems by listening to your vehicle, just as your doctor tells you to listen to your body. If you feel like something isn't right, or you're alerted by warning signs on your dashboard, don't hesitate to bring it and have it looked at. Our shop is equipped with high-tech computer diagnostics that allow for an accurate diagnosis. We service engines on all make and model cars, trucks, and SUVs. Head on over to 1731 Douthit Court; we look forward to providing you with superior service.