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Parts and Pieces

Shocks and struts may sound like words from a disco song, but they happen to be very important parts of a vehicle's suspension system. They're responsible for absorbing vibrations as you ride along, especially on rough terrain. Other critical components of this system are springs, arms, bars, joints, rods or linkages, and tires. The biggest part of the suspension system is the car's frame. As with any composite structure, if one part is on the fritz, it negatively affects all the other parts. The team of technicians at Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, are experts in suspension maintenance and repair. So, if you're feeling extra bumps and bounces while driving down the road, bring your car, truck, or SUV to our auto shop. Your suspension system is probably not in good working condition. We'll get it fixed up promptly, so you won't bump and bounce anymore.

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We want to make sure you experience comfort while in your vehicle, especially on those long trips. If all the parts of the suspension system are in good shape, they'll work harmoniously to keep the wheels in contact with the road. While comfort is something most people desire, safety is essential. Because the suspension system is also responsible for controlling steering stability and handling, acceleration and braking may also be affected. A break down in the suspension system puts you at greater risk of losing control of the car, or not being able to stop. If you want your vehicle to stop immediately when you step on the brake, make sure your suspension system is in good working order. The distance from when you brake to when you stop will increase if the parts are worn. Something else you should know, the suspension system keeps your tires in contact with the road. Correct tire angles also improve the wheel's grip on the road. This tells you that a healthy suspension system and a proper wheel alignment go hand-in-hand.

The Right Place

At Murray Automotive, we completely understand how a flawed suspension system can create an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe situation for you and your family. Our suspension specialists will know just what to do to get you all fixed up. We have the knowledge and proper equipment needed to inspect, adjust, and replace or repair the faulty components. It is important to us that you're also comfortable with our facility, our advice, and our service. Because we are involved with our community, and a part of our community, we can assure you we only want the best for you. This includes offering services at an affordable price, and payment plan options for those unavoidable, costly jobs. Call us now at (804) 378-3374 to schedule an appointment. We'll get you in and out as soon as possible.