Hear it From the Team!

"I work for Murray Automotive because I take pride in my work and want to perform quality work and learn more. Iā€™m treated fair here and it is a comfortable environment." - Jesse

"What first attracted me to work at Murray Automotive was the culture and values presented through social media, the website, and reviews. Since working here, it has opened so many opportunities for growth, both personally and in my career. We never stop learning here which allows us to stay ahead of the industry and provide top-quality service. We stay transparent with our process through the digital vehicle inspections we provide which also helps keep a high level of overall consistency. That makes my job here a lot easier for sure! I also take pride in being able to stand behind what we do. I love that we build relationships with our customers and each other as employees. We get things handled around here and also keep it fun. I enjoy working here and look forward to many years of growth to come!" - Sara

"After a few conversations with Morgan, and doing my own research, I began to appreciate the family culture, sense of teamwork, and level of integrity and service that the customers clearly appreciate at Murray Automotive. Now having worked here a while, I can say it is refreshing in the automotive industry to find, and be a part of, such a positive, honest, low-pressure environment. Morgan and his team make Murray Automotive a great place to be, for employees and customers alike." - Chris

ā€œI enjoy working for Murray Automotive because we are a family and work well together and help each other out. We have cutting edge technology and a nice facility with air conditioning. Morgan has vested interest in not only our work abilities but also our families ā€“ especially over this last year and a half. He encourages a work/life balance and we do team building outside of shop hours.ā€ - Lucas

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