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Hybrid Repair in Powhatan, VA

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At Murray Automotive in Powhatan, Virginia, we understand the intricacies of hybrid vehicles—how they work, their hybrid-specific technology, what servicing they need, common problems, and effective hybrid repair solutions. Hybrid models are a great and popular alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles, and while they are very similar, there are certain aspects that differentiate them. Hybrid vehicles are powered in part by a gasoline engine that can either operate on its own or help to charge the battery that powers the electric motor, alongside regenerative braking. Plug-in hybrids, (also known as PHEVs) use higher-capacity battery packs and can be plugged in for a bit more all-electric range, with the advantage of a gas engine for backup.

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Common Problems with Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are innovative and designed with precision. However, they can encounter a lot of the same problems that gasoline-powered vehicles do. Common problems with hybrid vehicles include catalytic converter failure, oxygen sensor malfunction, and exhaust system complications. Of course, tire damage, worn spark plugs, worn brake pads, and similar items also occur. Hybrid battery failure is a common sore spot for hybrid owners, which is why we recommend routine inspections (at least once a year) that check the condition of the hybrid battery. If you notice fewer miles to the gallon, changes in engine output, charging problems, or strange noises or smells, consult our team for an inspection, diagnosis, and hybrid repair if needed!

Hybrid Repair Specialists

New technology can be intimidating, but hybrids have been around long enough that they’re proven technology and are built with the same care as their traditional combustion engine counterparts. When it comes to your hybrid car, SUV, or truck, it’s important you find an auto shop that is properly trained and equipped to service such vehicles. Murray Automotive is exactly that. Because hybrids contain high-voltage components, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance. Our hybrid repair technicians are thoroughly educated and trained in hybrid car care and its varying components, such as the hybrid battery, motor, regenerative braking, and general under-the-hood setup. We also only use tools and technology that are approved for hybrids, and we follow specific processes set by the manufacturers and repair industry for accurate results.

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Whether you need an oil change, a new set of tires, or a new hybrid battery, we are happy to help! You invested in your hybrid, why wouldn’t you invest in your car’s required services? Murray Automotive prides itself on affordable car care, in addition to our skilled and certified team that is knowledgeable on all aspects of hybrid repair and maintenance. We offer a three-year/36,000-mile warranty, free digital vehicle inspections, financing, and so much more. To learn more about us, our services, and anything in between, reach out at (804) 378-3374. One of our team members can answer your questions, address your concerns, and set you up with an appointment. The Murray Automotive repair shop is located at 1731 Douthit Court Powhatan, VA 23139 in Powhatan, Virginia. Visit us soon for dependable hybrid repair service!